Welcome to St. Gabriel, located in Corpus Christi, Texas

Nestled in the Lone Star State's predominant coastal city is St. Gabriel of Corpus Christi – a community offering second to none in accommodations for assisted living and memory care. St. Gabriel is known as the messenger of God; our St. Gabriel program delivers the message of Caring, Passion, and Respect to all those that call our community home. St. Gabriel of Corpus Christi is a senior living community committed to the care of of Assisted Living, Dementia, and Alzheimer's disease.

At Veritas, we believe every person has worth and is to be valued. Our goal is to enrich the daily lives of our Residents by providing an environment that stimulates them physically, mentally, emotionally, and to create moments of joy. Our community consists of four separate modern neighborhoods. Each Neighborhood features a unique small house environment with its own living, dining, activities, and courtyard. St. Gabriel is exclusively designed to maximize our Resident's quality of life.

We acknowledge that providing individualized services is fluid and Resident specific and not entirely dependent on any written materials, or any set doctrine. Every Resident and their needs are different. Our team is specially trained and certified in Alzheimer's disease and Dementia care. In support of this Resident-specific concept of providing care and services, we will tailor the approach to the unique needs of each Resident. We will encourage socialization, cognitive awareness, self-expression, and physical activity in a planned and structured activities program. Our approach will contain a healthy balance of cognitive, recreational, and activities of daily living (ADL) events.

Collaboration with families, Residents, and medical professionals is imperative to our mission. Providing opportunities for our Residents to exercise their mental, physical, social, and spiritual selves is core to every interaction.

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